Garden planters, Birdfeeders, Rabit Hutches, Sheds- playhouses

Planting in containers is one of the best ways to have your garden looking nice without all the effort of digging and weeding. Using my  Planters  you can incorporate them into a new garden design you may be planning, or you can re-design your existing garden with them. There are lots of benefits by planting in containers. Plants which spread out are contained… so no more cutting back every year to keep them under control… easily move them to another position… and also because your plants are off the ground you don’t have to bend down as much when planting or just admiring your flora.

A garden attracts birds of all species.You can admire there beauty and colours by getting them to visit your garden every day. Check out my selection of Birdfeeders and enjoy natures beautiful birds.

Also if you have pets of your own, I have a selection of Rabbit Hutches and Dog kennels.

A garden is not complete without a place for all your garden equipment and tools to be safely stored away. I have a selection of Sheds for this purpose. The children will love there own place to call home in the garden,  My Playhouses will keep them happy for hour’s on end.

Your garden would not be complete without somewhere to sit and relax, to read a book or just to unwind. I am currently designing some Gazebos and Arbours, I’m sure you could find a place for one. Grow your climbing plants around them and you will have the perfect place to unwind.