All Style KickBoxing and Martial Arts:
KickBoxing -
The use of western boxing and martial arts style kicks. Excellent for general fitness and a very highly competitive sport in the UK. In a kickboxing fight the round is stopped when an opponent hits the floor as in boxing. It can be used as training for both general fitness or more advance combat at higher grades with full and semi contact being very aggressive.

Thai Boxing -
Ofen confused with kickboxing, thai boxing is born of a mix of Indian and Chinese Culture. There are manu forms of Thai boxing several are used by military in actual war today.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu -
This version is more of a grapple based sport. It focuses on usage of leverage to overcome a stronger opponent with ease by using basic physics to focus damage and force your opponent into submission. The art began with the Japanese an expert in groundwork martial arts was sent to Brazil to spread his teachings and disiplines that went hand in hand. As a result Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was formed.